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Solar powered Christmas lights alleviate wiring issues

I’m sure one or more of you have covered a tree or some other fixture in your yard with Christmas lights only to realize that you now have to run an ugly extension cord all the way out to them. Well, with these lights you won’t have that problem as they are solar powered.


Sun Table forces you outside

For those that enjoy the great outdoors while trying to work on their laptop, this solar table is just the way to save on that energy bill. Now anyone can take one look at my pasty white skin and know that it is highly unlikely that I’ll be toting my laptop out into the dreaded sunlight. However, I can appreciate the gesture of creating a table to make the world a greener place.


Nokia Eco Sensor phone concept

So lately Nokia has been trying to bring out the eco-friendly sprite in all of us, with little to no success. Last week it was the environmentally friendly Nokia 3110 Evolve, this week its this Eco Sensor concept phone.


Solar-Powered Bible Preachy because it’s ’em’powered by the ‘son’

Having a lot of ministers in my family it’s by far no stretch to say I get preached at a lot. Sometimes it’s a comfort knowing that no matter what I do there is going to be something to let me know how righteous or messed up I am for it. The only downfall, for me, is when there is no one around to share their information with me, until now.


IFA 2007 – Sunload solar-panel equipped bags caught on video

It’s the job of fate to make sure that, when you really need to call someone, your cellphone battery has died.  The people at Sunload obviously got fed up of this, and have stuck a triumphant two fingers up at fate with their solar-panel equipped bags.  Vincent caught up with them at IFA 2007 and got a tour of the latest range; check out the exclusive SlashGear video after the cut.


Sole Mio Solar Powered Mice

The mouse, as in the PC peripheral, is being developed by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. The weird part, it has been in development for four years.


The Solar Frog Light just glows with class

I don’t know when exactly it is the frogs became the anointed stoner mascot, but somehow it happened. For some reason even though this frog was not meant to be perceived in that light, it definitely looks like the hippie frogs that don’t want to go way.


The MagicGlobe Solar Light Sphere

Outdoor lighting has finally become interesting. Everyone has become bored of those typical solar powered lights you stick along your walkway, and this MagicGlobe Solar Light Sphere is a far cry from it.


The Juice Bag keeps your gadgets charged

Even the beach isn’t safe from our numerous gadgets. Although we may want to relax and lay out in the sun all day, for some reason a lot of us insist upon keeping our cellphone with us. Which of course completely contradicts the whole thing. This Juice Bag will help keep your gadgets charged even when you’re nowhere near an outlet.


Ecopowered Memory Stick with LCD

It’s not a problem I personally have, but I guess there could be forgetful people out there who can’t remember what’s on their USB memory stick.  For those people one of the less-common models which sport LCD displays might be handy, and now TRUS is aiming their latest product at the sub-section of that sub-section that insists on being environmentally friendly.  Their latest memory stick has both a display and a solar panel to power it.



Simple solar panel for your car battery

I enjoy using alternative energy sources. Usually they are too expensive to implement, so I just keep doing things the way I always have. They also generally require a lot of time and energy, and frankly, I’d rather spend my time goofing off with my computer.


i-Blue 757 Solar GPS Receiver

One of the latest gadgets to take a look at for the outdoorsy-but-direction-challenged is the Transystem i-Blue 757 solar-powered Bluetooth 16-channel Nemerix GPS receiver. The device features a unique clamshell design with the lower portion housing the solar cell, the battery, and the circuitry, while the upper portion houses the GPS antenna.

The embedded rechargeable 1000mAh Li-Ion battery provides up to 30 hours of run time, while additional solar charging can provide up to 100 hours. The permanent standby feature is also good for saving power while allowing for quick power on.

You might remember that this is one of the models featured in Pocket GPS World’s group test on sun-loving navigators.

i-Blue 757 solar bluetooth gps receiver
[Via: NaviGadget]

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