WowWee Dragonfly takes flight again

If the last video of the WowWee Dragonfly Robot got you salivating, how about another from the makers themselves? Taking off from a meeting table and then fluttering around a selection of their other robots, it’s hard to believe that this is going to be a commercially-available toy.

It turns out that credit for the original design must go to a high-school student – and now part of the WowWee team – Sean Frawley, who will in fact sell you the plans for his elastic-band powered Ornithopter kit for a mere twenty bucks.

I can’t wait to have a go of this myself!

Robots Rule [via Street Tech]

Take Off and Landing Flight Trainer RC Plane

We’ve been paying a lot of attention lately to RC toys, so here goes another one worth a look. The “Take Off and Landing Flight Trainer Plane” from Hammacher Schlemmer, is a 1/10th scale electric plane that can taxi and take off under the power of its twin engines instead of hand-launching like with other beginner RC planes.

The twin engines provide double the power for take-off, propel the plane up to 20mph (200 mph scale speed), and allows easier steering for first-time flyers. A two-channel transmitter controls climbing and descending while the thrust-vector steering guides the plane through turns by adjusting the amount of power to each engine.

Doraemon RC Toy

Since we’re on an RC frenzy ever since the Micro Mosquito, I’ve decided to bring some attention to this must-have item for any manga-hording-geek’s treasure trove. Why have anything flying around your room besides the classic Doraemon, our beloved robotic cat with the fourth-dimensional pocket and the suction cup propellers.

This RC Doraemon measures about 6 inches tall and is controlled via a remote that resembles a wand. Not much other information is provided on the site. And being priced at $74.63, it is definitely for just the extreme Doraemon cultists.

Flying Doraemon RC Toy
[Via: I4U]

Limited Edition RC Porsche Cayenne with onboard Camera

Remote controlled toys seem to top some holiday gift lists this season. So, another such toy to watch out for is this limited edition miniature Porsche Cayenne with an on-board camera. So even if you’re not too stoked about the Cayenne, at least you’ll derive some perverse joy driving this thing into the uncharted territories of the ladies room.

The camera is capable of shooting at 129,000 pixels while the car cruises around. The images are transmited to the 2.2-inch LCD on the remote controller. The model car also features sturdy suspension good for traversing rough terrain, headlights that light-up, and two speed settings. Priced under $200 with a 3-year warranty, this roadster will be available starting December 20 at Tchibo.co.uk.

Tchibo sells limited-edition Porsche Cayenne model with on-board camera [Via: Pocket-lint]

H2 Hummer RC Toy

If RC toys get you excited, then take a look at the RC H2 Hummer. This two and a half feet long beast can take on the streets with speeds up to 10-15 mph. Ok, so its not furiously fast compared to some other RCs, but it is a monster-sized 1:6 replica of the real thing and the extra touch of spinning rims and flashing lights really lets you cruise in ghetto style.

It comes with a 9.6v rechargeable battery and charger. You have to just hope this thing doesn’t guzzle your batteries the same way the real thing guzzles your gas. Priced at $99.

RC Hummer H2 is sooo cool! [Via: NewLaunches]

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