Sean Kinkade Park Hawk Ornithopter reminds us that Da Vinci had it right

There's nothing quite like a lazy afternoon flying your remote-controlled airplane, helicopter, or in this case, ornithopter, around the back yard. The airwaves are aflutter today as everyone outside the RC circuit realizes that not only are ornithopters a reality now for at-home enthusiasts, they've been around for over a decade. The video you're about to see, in fact, features an original model Sean Kinkade Park Hawk, originally released all the way back in 1993 and purchased just this week by RC lover, Nuvaero Flight System's Robert Eaton.

This device is controlled with a couple of knobs on a relatively standard control unit and communicates wirelessly as you fly it through the sky in an impressive display of flapping, turning, and flapping some more. The newest version of this original Park Hawk will run you right around $289 if you want one right this second. You've also for one whole heck of a lot of other options from stores like Flapping Flight if you're in the mood for some different models – like the Big Lazy Hawk whose wingspan is longer than a small child.

This bird is controlled with its rudder (it's tail feather) and is able to both flap and glide. This means that if you toss it down into the Grand Canyon (and it doesn't hit a rock right away) you'll be able to mozy on down lazily the whole way with just a bit of flapping as you go. Seem like a good time to you? Maybe we're all long overdue for some awesome remote controlled action, what do you think?

BONUS: time for some record-breaking rubber-band ornithopter action next!

[via Lusko]