SilverLit Mercedes-Benz iOS controlled RC Car Hands-on

Cory Gunther - Jan 8, 2013, 10:43pm CST
SilverLit Mercedes-Benz iOS controlled RC Car Hands-on

We know the holiday shopping spree has already ended and Christmas is long gone, but a neat new toy is being shown off here at CES from the folks at SilverLit. What we have here is an awesome RC Car that is controlled by your iOS device of choice, but that isn’t all it does. The RC car has speakers, moving doors, actual headlights and more that all work seamlessly with your iPhone or iPad. Listen to music, or annoy your co-workers with this gadget.

While we’ve seen RC cars and other devices controlled by our favorite smartphones before, SilverLit added a few nice features that makes their Mercedes-Benz quite fun. The device is actually meant to be an awesome replica Mercedes-Benz for your office desk or garage. It then doubles as an RC car. It doesn’t just drive around endlessly searching for a garage however, it has other functions.

We first mentioned this a few weeks ago, and now we have the details. Instead of sitting on a desk, you can use this to secretly annoy and surprise co-workers and office mates. The built-in speakers actually jam out and plays your devices iTunes library. Once paired with the SilverLit app you’ll be able to play your own music playlist. Here’s a quick video of it in action although you might not be able to hear the music.

The Mercedes-Benz by SilverLit has integrated speakers that will blast your favorite tunes right from your iPad or iPhone 5 iTunes library. While this isn’t ideal for average users (as we don’t fit in the car) kids can enjoy it, as well as those wanting to have a little fun at the office. Then you’ll be able to make the SilverLit dance. Yes we said dance. The car lights flash to the beat, and the doors will open and close too. It’s actually quite fun and more than just your average RC car. So far pricing hasn’t been finalized by SilverLit, but it will be available this spring.

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