Wireless Wii sensor bar has clock built in

With this new wireless Wii sensor bar you get the benefit of a wireless sensor bar, but if you wind up leaving it setting on top of your TV anyways, it has a secondary useful function, telling time. This way you can tell how much of your life you wasted playing your Wii.


USB card reader also has digital clock and thermometer

So the front of this card reader, when closed, shows just the display for the digital clock, the back holds the analog thermometer. Then you slide it open for access to the card reader slots, clock controls, and presumably the USB port for connecting it to your PC.


iPod Dock with Projection Clock and Radio from Hammacher Schlemmer

This iPod dock has speakers and controls for playing music from your iPod, but it also has an integrated alarm clock, and a projector for projecting the time onto a wall or ceiling of your choice. There is also a thermometer and AM/FM radio built in.


Mustek PF-E700 Picture frame does everything

It has an MP3 player, picture viewer, plays movies, tells you the time, shows a calendar, and will tell you what the temperature inside is. It also has an alarm clock feature built in so you can set it to wake you in the morning.


Intel X9000 mobile processor coming your way sooner than you might think

The X9000 is the top-end of the mobile Penryn line for now, and its coming sometime this month. It has an 800MHz FSB, dual-core running at a clock speed of 2.8GHz and the same 45nm process that has garnered the Penryn line all of this attention. It also has an amazing 6MB of cache.


Laser Tag alarm clock is near impossible that early in the morning

Alright, so imagine waking up with the crusties in your eyes, barely able to see, and you have to hit a bull’s eye on a target in order the shut of the noise from hell also known as your alarm clock. Well that’s pretty much what you have to do with this alarm clock.


Zotec nVidia GeForce 8400GS has G98 chipset

This isn’t really a card for gamers, its aimed more at media center builders. The G98 chipset is a slower performer than the G92.


Mustek 15-inch picture frame has Bluetooth

Really it has a diagonal measurement of 15.6-inches, but they chose to call it 15”. It has a 1366×768 resolution which gives you a 16:9 aspect ratio.


CES 2008: Memorex iWake Up Clock

The Memorex iWake Up Clock is made for the iPhone and iPod/touch. In layman’s terms it’s a radio alarm clock that allows you to wake up to your music, or if you want you can choose the AM/FM function.


Time Cube Clock – Won’t stay a cube for long

There seem to be days when certain items are prolific and today it seems to be clocks. I’ve seen about half a dozen different kinds of clocks/time devices today. As clocks go, the Time Cube Clock is probably the coolest looking one I’ve seen in awhile.


New ATI Radeon cards leaked

So there is the Radeon HD 3450, 3470, and 3650 the loose specs of each were leaked out over the internet on Christmas. The cheapest, at about $50, is the 3450 featuring an RV620 core with 525MHz core and 256MB of memory and DisplayPort for HD video.


The Mini Alarm Clock

For those that travel quite often, those hotel alarm clocks don’t always seem trustworthy enough. Generally, if you actually attempt using the foreign alarm clock you spend the rest of the night sweating that maybe you set it wrong. This Mini Alarm Clock is portable enough to take with you wherever you go.

Sadly, this device seems about 10 years too late, since most of us just use our cellphone for an alarm when we’re away from home. However, it does also have a built in flashlight and sometimes those alarms in our phones malfunction a bit. That or you may not have an annoying enough ringtone to wake you up in the morning. So, if you need an alternative this little clock is just the thing.

It measures 1” x 3” x .75” therefore it would be great to just toss in your pocket or in an overnight bag. It also includes a calendar, stopwatch and timer. All together it costs $25.

Mini Alarm Clock
[via book of joe]

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