This clock needs your finger to touch it

There's a circular clock out there in the wild today that uses an array of lights and your finger to display the time. It goes by the name Shadowplay, and we wouldn't at all be surprised if some big-name manufacturer ripped the design off from the fine folks at BreadedEscalope before the end of next year. Expect this piece of art to be popping up in a store near you before you can say "where can I buy that." For now, it is just as you see it – a single, wall-mounted piece of artwork not meant for mass production.

The creators of this clock have made a single prototype that they've constructed with a 73cm diameter. The exterior is wood, and inside you'll find an array of LED bulbs. It was first conceived earlier this year and displayed in Germany in the "Ganz neuen Galerie" – aka "All New Gallery".

Interactive light-body shadow action, right here for you. To get the time, you'll need to place your finger in the precise center of the clock, at which time your finger's shadow will display the hours and the minutes.

Now if only we had instructions on how to make this using a Raspberry Pi. According to Gizmodo, this clock was made with an Arduino. We're looking at you, MAKErs.

On that note, we'd really love to visit the Ganz neuen Galerie, as it is dedicated solely to experimental design – art, design, and industrial design. Founded by chmara.rosinke of breadedEscalope and Patrick Rampelotto, this gallery hosts groups of designers from Eastern and Central Europe on a regular basis.