Amazon tests a Smart Cuckoo Clock, but its future is uncertain

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The cuckoo clock — the kind where something cute or amusing comes out to mark a new hour — has largely fallen out of fashion. Analog clocks in the home are, in general, something you don't see too often, but that didn't stop Amazon from launching a hybrid smart analog clock...and now it is testing a cuckoo clock concept.

Amazon's new Smart Cuckoo Clock is part of the company's Day 1 Edition concepts — it is available to preorder now for $80 USD, but only sufficient interest from consumers will result in it being manufactured and shipped. The interest is judged based on preorder numbers.

The cuckoo clock — which has a wonderfully minimalist design that should pair well with modern decor — was launched for preorder on February 17 and, as of today, has reached 44-percent of its minimum preorder goal. If the necessary number of preorders are received by March 19, the device will be built and shipped.

As you'd expect, the Smart Cuckoo Clock has Alexa built-in, enabling users to say voice commands, set timers and alarms, and more. The device also features an LED display for showing timer countdowns. That aside, the clock features a traditional analog face, as well as a small bird that uses a mechanical design to pop out.

The cuckoo bird is joined by a swinging pendulum, plus there's a hidden speaker that can be used to play different alarm and chime sounds. The device can be used with other Echo speakers and, given its smart nature, will adjust itself for daylight savings time. Whether the Smart Cuckoo Clock will ultimately be a success is anyone's guess, but it looks promising.