The Big Time Wall Clock for the absent-minded

If you have a tendency to completely flake on what time it is, this giant wall clock is a nice reminder to keep you on time. The massive clock is large enough that no matter how busy you get, you can’t possibly miss the time.


The Alba Make Art Clocks may get your artwork sold

If you’re just itching to get your art out there and on some kind of a product, these little Alba Make Art Clocks are a nice chance. Plus for those without artistic ability you can pick up unique looking clocks without having any artistic skill.

They had already released the clocks with art already on them, but suddenly decided to give other artists a shot. This seems to be a limited release since there are only 25 of the plain white clocks that will be released so you’ll have to get to them quick.


The Meaning of Time clock lets you choose the overall look

Many of us enjoy those products that allow for us to show a bit of our creative side. Sometimes all those creative juices go completely unused in adulthood. This clock may look like just a boring peg but it allows you to choose the entire mood of the clock.


The Idea of a Clock II says too much

First I write up an entirely too complicated scale and now there is the way too wordy clock. Frankly I like to glance at the clock and know the time. Of course I say that and I own a pretty clock that I have to stare at for a few minutes before I can see where the hands are pointed.


OCZ PC2-9200 Flex II DDR2 Series – World’s Fastest 4GB kit, and it uses DDR2

I wouldn’t even think of overclocking these DDR2-1150 memory chips considering they already require the use of an intense system of metal fins to dissipate heat and water cooling seems to be highly recommended with two lines going in and two going out of each stick’s processor-worthy heatsink. If you absolutely have to be on the bleeding edge of technology and you haven’t already switched to a board with DDR3 on it, these are the chips for you.


OLPC – the newest target of overclocking

I thought for sure this guide was going to involve DIP switches when I read that this computer only has a 433MHz processor. But it didn’t, its all software, or more precisely, firmware based.

The requirements are quite low too, you must have an OLPC, you must have a developer key or have disabled security prior to this hack, and you must be perfectly OK with bricking your OLPC if you screw up. The upside is that there is at least one report of someone overclocking their OLPC to 566/233 without having any issues such as system instability or overheating.

[Photo Credit: Aaron]


Philips AJL308 – now the big dogs are in the Digital Picture Frame market

Digital Picture Frames were a dream, and a dumb one. This one isn’t much different other than its slightly more attractive, and will probably last marginally longer than some knockoff branded one.


USB LCD Screen thing wishes it could be a SideShow device

This weird little USB LCD device can display multiple different metrics from your computer, it just so happens that almost all of those metrics have to look like clocks in one way or another. So, I suppose you could start with its ability to tell time using your computer’s clock.


NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 – big, beasty, shiny, and pricey

This is the perfect card for playing your HD video content and Blu-Ray/HD-DVD movies on, and that’s it. Those 256 stream processors, dual GPU’s, and 1GB framebuffer just isn’t good enough for doing anything more than watching movies.


Digital/Analog clock blurs the line between the two

This clock is digital in the way that it uses the 7-segment digit design to tell time, but its analog in the way that those segments are presented. The clock is made from Corian and wood and when it changes the time, it raises and lowers pieces of the digit to make it 3D.


Inkel IDS-1500 WiFi Phone docking station – crazy amounts of functionality

In some crazy attempt to combine multiple unrelated features, Inkel has made a speaker dock that docks your iPod to crank out tunes, but it also docks a WiFi bases phone. The upside? You get a WiFi phone, that when docked, also means you get a WiFi radio.


Centrino 2 platform graphics bump – Intel graphics still suck, but the future looks promising

Integrated graphics are a nice way to keep prices low, and Intel has been making some strides in that area with they new X3100 chips putting up some fairly impressive numbers. Those numbers will only get better when Intel’s X4500 graphics chips launch with the new Centrino 2 platform.


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