Steam Music is live for all: Half-Life, Portal celebrate

Welcome to the age of playing music that doesn't go with a video game with the video game you're playing on Steam. Introduced this week by Valve is Steam Music, a system that's been in testing for well over a year.

With Steam Music you'll enter the system and the system will enter your computer, checking out all MP3s you've got. Once you've got them in the mix, you'll be able to play them while you play a game. Better than how you've done this in the past, Steam keeps music controls available to you in-game, and music kept separate from the music in the game.

Valve has kicked out their collection of self-made games (some of them, anyway) with sale prices in celebration of this release event. That includes Portal, Portal 2, Half-Life, and Half-Life 2. You can also continue to nab the movie Free to Play and the soundtrack. Seventy-five percent off Half-Life, Half-Life Two, Half-Life Two: Episode One, Half-Life Two: Episode Two, Portal, Portal 2, and free soundtracks for all!

Unfortunately this does not include the Android versions of Portal for SHIELD and Half-Life 2 for SHIELD – but they're worth the cash anyway. Trust!

Let us know if you're jumping in on the Steam Music party – and what soundtracks you're listening to with which games. We'll be rolling with the ultra-amazing Guacamelee soundtrack one way or another. All the games.