SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: April 8, 2011

Let's begin today with some awesome news from Google – you know that big fat developers conference they have every year, the one where you get to talk to all your developer friends, the one that sold out this year in 8 hours? Well you're in luck, even if you didn't get a ticket, because they're totally streaming the whole thing. Then let's get into some FCC business, a column or two, and some very exciting launch news from a couple of fabulous Android-toting businesses.

Take a peek at the Dell Panerai convertible tablet as it attempts to slide its way through the FCC. Check out another FCC attempt by no less than Apple as it dreams up some smart-display iPhone bezel – all sorts of touching! Then see a product that needed no approval, clearly: NuScreen screen goo!

See an analyst decide that Apple holds 60% of touch panel supplies. See Best Buy get in a whopping amount of trouble as they hold back iPad 2 supplies from customers. See the PSP sell more units than the 3DS in Japan.

Behold as the Acer Iconia Tab A500 Honeycomb tablet is officially announced. Take a peek as some HTC Incredible 2 press shots appear. Get pumped up about a sweet London Pyramid Party... and you're invited! Lick your lips at AMD fusion chips for Android!

Finally, get a big fat boost of knowledge as dropped by our man in England Chris Davies as he asks: Is Dual-Touch the Future of Phones and Tablets?