Dell Panerai convertible tablet hits FCC

Details of what looks to be a 15-inch Dell convertible tablet have crossed the FCC, the Dell Panerai, potentially following in the footsteps of the Inspiron Duo as having a rotating touchscreen display in a fixed bezel.

The only known specifications are the Intel Centrino 6230 chipset for WiFi a/b/g/n. According to the test report, the antennas are built into the display section; it specifically references both "laptop mode" and "tablet mode".

The original Dell Inspiron Duo had promise but was let down by its underpowered Atom processor. If Dell can fit a proper Core i5 or even Core i7 chip in the Panerai, and deliver the speed and performance of a mainstream notebook with the added bonus of a touchscreen – and do it at a reasonable price – then they could have a winner.

[via Wireless Goodness]