SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: April 30, 2012

Another fine morning has arrived and gone with much to be excited about in the coming weeks, not least of all Alienware computers coming with Ivy Bridge! The most epic cartoon series of all time South Park has gone on-demand in the UK. Wind power turbines are in a bit of trouble over bad research – no good for those fighting to keep them alive. Microsoft has purchased a bit of Barnes & Noble and may be making some Windows changes to the NOOK – not now, but someday soon!

LG has decided to jump off the Windows Phone boat to focus on Android. It appears that RIM, aka BlackBerry's RIM, may have been behind the whole the anti-Apple "Wake Up" campaign – the proof is in the pudding! You can now purchase Ivy Bridge CPUs online if you're the builder sort of person in the wild.

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 690 twin-Kepler has been made officially real and explosive. There's a little man of 6-years of age out there who may be setting the world computer expert record. The next-level epic trailer for Prometheus has been released into the wild for international audiences.

Then we've got a couple columns you've just got to take a peek at. First there's Philip Berne's Friends Don't Let Friends Look Ugly On Facebook, a gem to be sure. Then there's the magical and comment-fire-worthy Why Nintendo Should Sell (And Why Sony SHould Buy It) – no lack of punch threats there!