South Park On Demand launches in UK

Getting access to TV shows on demand and via services like Hulu has become easier over the years, but there have always been a few international restrictions. South Park is shown for free on Comedy Central's website after it airs, but if you don't live in America, you can't access the episode thanks to geographical restrictions. Comedy Central and South Park Digital Studios are hoping to please UK fans by bringing back full episodes with the launch of South Park On Demand for the UK.

There is a "but": it won't be free like the US South Park website. In the US, censored and uncensored episodes of the show can be viewed for free, supported by advertisements. In the UK, there are two payment options offered instead. If you want a 24-hour pass, you'll pay £2, while 7-day access will cost £3. It seems pretty clear which one you should pick.

You won't get access to the whole South Park catalogue, with the 50 best episodes chosen by fans appearing on the website instead, and the studio updating the selection every month. As for new episodes of the show, currently in its 16th season, they'll be available to watch 24 hours after they air in the UK. There's also a season catch up, offering all the current season 16 episodes.

Tony Crowe, VP of Business Development at Comedy Central UK, says the team "developed the South Park On Demand to provide the easiest way for fans to instantly access what they are looking for. We also wanted to give fans the opportunity to influence which episodes they want to be included every month. They can vote for their favourites via the contact page to ensure the content that they want is only a click away."