SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: May 17, 2012

Happy Thursday, everyone. Friday's right around the corner and that means the weekend is almost here! But for now, we're chugging along to give you the tech news you need to know. First out of the gate today – Comcast boosts data cap to 300GB, adds tiered plans. And speaking of data, let's go to mobile news – T-Mobile announced contract-free data passes. And in other major mobile news, the HTC Evo 4G LTE is set for a May 23 release.Featured: So for a lot of gamers, there is only one thing on their minds right now – E3. The biggest video game trade show in the world happens in just a few weeks and the hype is at a fever pitch. That's the show where every company will try to prove it has the hottest game of the year. But we already know – Why Halo 4 is the most anticipated game of 2012.Patents, Diablo III, & T-Mobile: In our miscellaneous grouping of other stories that made news today, we have a lot of corporate restructuring, damage control, and legal stuff. Fun! Like this – Apple and HTC ordered to discuss pattent settlement in August. And this – Diablo III error apology is sues by Blizzard. And finally, more news from the company that isn't part of AT&T – T-Mobile details restructuring, 900 jobs cut, 550 new hires.