Comcast boosts data cap to 300GB, adds tiered plans

Comcast has announced that it will be making some major changes to its residential broadband service plans, namely increasing data usage caps from 250GB to 300GB per month. The company also plans to implement tiered pricing with two approaches that it will be testing over the next few months in select markets.

The first approach involves instituting a 300GB monthly data cap for basic services, such as its Internet Essentials, Economy, and Performance tiers, while offering increasingly higher data caps for each successive tier of high speed broadband, such as its Blast and Extreme plans. Customers that use more data than allotted for each tier can purchase additional gigabytes in increments.

The second approach is to just increase data caps for all tiers to 300GB per month and still offer additional gigabytes at increments. Either way, data caps will be boosted to at least 300GB per month for all plans. It hasn't been announced yet which markets would be involved in the trials.

[via PC Mag]