SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: June 14, 2012

Happy Thursday, everyone. Did you have a good day at work/school/lounging around playing video games? Whatever you were up to all day, it's time to sit back and digest today's top tech stories. Here's a fun one to start off – Major League Gaming Anaheim competition shatters records. And for something a bit more substantive – LG Eclipse tipped for AT&T release this October. And here's something for your business-minded folks – Microsoft $1 billion Yammer purchase sets stage for birthday blowout.Featured: So the fervor behind Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference has ended, and we're left taking a look at where the company stands now. And our Don Reisinger has one question that he can't get out of his head – So, Apple has officially turned its back on the Apple TV, right? In other featured articles, we have an Apple product review, in case you're interested – Brookstone iConvert scanner for iPad review.Ads, T-Mobile, & Microsoft: He rarely ever get to say this, but there is an interesting revelation in the world of advertisements. Something that might actually make them fun. Maybe. Microsoft NUads coming to Kinect motion control. And speaking of things that are coming soon - T-Mobile 4G LTE trials start this summer for launch in 2013. And finally, we'll leave you with a real tease - Microsoft invites press to major announcement for Monday.