So, Apple Has Officially Turned Its Back On the Apple TV, Right?

Prior to the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote Apple hosted on Monday, there were several reports that surfaced saying the company would launch a software development kit for the Apple TV. The reports reasoned that Apple is trying to extend the usability of its Apple TV, and can use that with help from third-party apps.

But alas, as Apple showed off the new iOS 6 and Mountain Lion, and unveiled the MacBook Pro with Retina display, the company made no mention of the Apple TV. And at least for now, third-party application development won't be coming to the set-top box.

But I'm not so sure we should stop at "for now." Apple has made it clear in the past that it has no interest in turning the Apple TV into anything more than a hobby. And the very fact that it didn't even mention the device during its keynote address seems to indicate to me that it has turned its back on the set-top box.

It's unfortunate. I've been a major fan of the Apple TV since it first launched. And although the latest iteration that lacks storage and forces users to stream content is a bit annoying, it has a lot of promise. With some help from apps, who knows what this set-top box could achieve?

For now, I'm not sure what Apple has planned. On one hand, I wonder if the company will finally announce the long-rumored television and put to an end all of the speculation surrounding that device. More importantly, it'll put to an end any and all concern that the company doesn't want to make a splash in the living room.

[aquote]What if Apple actually doesn't announce a television?[/aquote]

But what if Apple actually doesn't announce a television? What if the company has secretly decided against a television, and has turned its back on the living room? What will that mean for the floundering Apple TV? And what could it mean for Google, which obviously has its sights set on that room?

I suppose that when it's all said and done, I'm fine with Apple eliminating the Apple TV. Yes, I'm a fan of the set-top box, but let's face it: if Apple doesn't care, why should I? As days continue to go by with Apple even mentioning its set-top box, I can't help but resign to the fact that it wants us all to forget about the Apple TV. Maybe I, like so many others, should give in to that demand and move on.

Third-party apps could have been the game-changer that we're all looking for in the living room. It could have delivered the kind of overall productivity we just don't have when relaxing at night. Instead, it focused on all of its other products.

So long, Apple TV. It was nice knowing you.