SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: July 25, 2012

Happy Wednesday, everyone. Hopefully your hump day is going well, and even if it isn't we're here to brighten your evening with all the tech news that's fit to print. So let's get to it – Zynga posts $22.8 million loss in Q2 2012 report. And moving right along, here's something Microsoft probably doesn't want to hear – Gabe Newell of Valve: Windows 8 a catastrophe. And speaking of Valve... Steam hardware survey sees rise in lower-end PCs.Featured: So in the world of featured articles, we have a couple really good ones today. For starters, we take an even more in-depth look into one of the biggest newsmakers of the year so far and the trend that it is sparking, specifically Google Glass – Wearable technology developer exclaims massive adoption potential. And for the Apple enthusiasts out there, you absolutely must read this – SlashGear 101: What's new in OS X Mountain Lion?Blackberry, Google Glass, & NFC Gumballs: So we always like to close the wrap-up with the more quirky or interesting stories, even if they aren't major headlines. That's what you'll find in the following three stories. First up – New York Times pulls the plug on its Blackberry app. And in other news – Google Glass explorers bring VIP flavor to the AR tech. And finally – NFC gumball machine sells digital content instead of candy.