SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: April 18, 2012

Happy Wednesday, everyone. How's your hump day going so far? If you're looking for a technology pick-me-up, you've come to the right place. First up, check this out – Samsung Galaxy S III caught in the wild. Oh, and you know who certainly doesn't need a pick-me-up? The Pebble Watch people – Pebble Watck Kickstarter breaks $4.5 million. But coming back from out of the stratosphere, you don't need to invent a million-dollar company to get the new HTC One X, which will be available on AT&T May 6th for $199.99.Featured: Let's stick with the subject of HTC's "One" brand of smartphones, shall we? We've got another tasty review for all you Android aficianados out there – T-Mobile HTC One S review. And not to be outdone, you have to check out this really cool article that revolves around the upcoming sci-fi action flick Prometheus – 3ality Technica speaks on Prometheus: 'the best experience possible with 3D'Other Really Cool Stuff: Since it's Wednesday and you've probably had "that 2:30 feeling" all day long, we'll wrap up this wrap-up with a trio of really neat articles. First up, SpaceX gets the green light for mission to ISS. But if space isn't really your thing, you'll be blown away by this: Battlefield 5 gets Project Glass concept makeover. But then again, who isn't fascinated by space stuff? Google execs and James Cameron backing asteroid mining project. Well, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and keep checking back to the latest news and reviews.