Samsung Galaxy S III caught in the wild

It's time to get your Samsung cheering flags out because the Galaxy S III has just been captured by intrepid sneaksters before its launch on near-blurry-cam, front and back. This device is set to be Samsung's new hero device and will be announced at the start of May at a special Samsung event, with no less than a 12 megapixel camera on the back and an advanced display on the front made to make the rest of the smartphone world look dated. This device appears to be a bit heavier yet thinner at the same time than Samsung's current Galaxy S II line.

These photos come from Gizmodo where their Brazil sources appear to have snapped a few ultra-quick shots of the device. You'll also notice that these images have been photographed with an iPad – believe it or not! One element to think about here before deciding that this is certainly the Galaxy S III we've been waiting for is the source's affirmation that this device has the code-number Samsung GT-I9300.

That identification number aligns with a product we've also not seen yet, that being the Samsung Galaxy M. Could this be the next generation Galaxy S III, or is it the "incremental" device we heard about earlier this week? Could Samsung be hiding the truth from us like a bunch of pros? We'll see soon enough!

[via Gizmodo]