Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 AllShare hands-on vs GSIII

When you purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 this week, you'll have a fabulous time sharing with none other than your favorite Samsung smartphone – the Galaxy S III. With the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note 10.1, you've got wi-fi direct connections with the app interface called AllShare. As it was with the Galaxy S III connecting with other Galaxy S III units when that model was released, so too is it with the Galaxy Note 10.1, a sharing environment created by Samsung to keep users in their own family of products exclusively.

What you're about to see is some hands-on time with AllShare GroupCast, a system which allows several different kinds of media to be simultaneously displayed and interacted with on multiple devices at once. With the Samsung suite of devices that's either out right now or will be popping up soon, you'll have the opportunity to create a slide show that each of your friends can see on their devices instantly.

You'll be flipping back and forth and making notes with near-perfect sync in no time! You can do this with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, the Galaxy S III, and a large set of Samsung devices that's not just limited to tablets and smartphones. AllShare is able to connect with your PC, with DLNA-connected devices, and in the future, with non-Samsung mobile devices as well.

Have a peek at AllShare on the Galaxy S III working with another Galaxy S III, AT&T to T-Mobile and back again.

Also dive into our AllShare portal to see a collection of Samsung devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 that also have AllShare on them right out of the box – it's time to share!