Rovio and Zynga battle for mobile and social gaming supremacy

Chris Burns - Mar 27, 2012
Rovio and Zynga battle for mobile and social gaming supremacy

This morning it was announced by Finnish mobile entertainment company and Angry Birds creator Rovio that they’d acquired Futuremark Games studio. Last week we heard that Zynga picked up the makers of Draw Something, the fabulously titled OMGPOP. Now what we’ve got is a silent war on our hands, not to destroy one another, but to gain sway over the social networking and mobile gaming worlds startup by startup. Zynga currently dominates the social aspect of this equation, while Rovio is tearing through mobile gaming with a hot knife, carrying out a release of its newest game Angry Birds: Space with healthy precision.

These companies, the both of them, have come up in the world over the past year like none of their competitors could hope to. Zynga was heavily reliant on Facebook until very recently when they launched their own gaming platform which is, from what we understand thus far, exceedingly popular. Rovio on the other hand not only launched their latest game into outer space with NASA, they had the game downloaded 10 million times in just three days.

These companies are blowing up – and in the wind of the mobile and social networking atmosphere we now live in, we’re going to see them either clash or combine at some point. Which one will be Nintendo? Which one Sega? And which of them will take what made them grow in the first place and expand on it to epic proportions in a span of just a few years? We shall see!

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