Redesigned iPhone 6 cord won’t likely launch soon

Chris Burns - Sep 1, 2014
Redesigned iPhone 6 cord won’t likely launch soon

Another cut in the reality line for the next Apple power cord for iPhones and iPads has been made. Though we’ve heard plenty of rumors surrounding the next generation in “reversible” USB cords, especially those that’d ship with the iPhone 6, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests today that such a cord is unlikely. At least for the present moment.

Instead, in a note to Apple investors by Kuo obtained by AppleInsider, Kuo suggests that “cost concerns and limited improvements to overall user experience” mean no new cord will launch any time soon. Cords we’ve seen so far could just as likely have originated from 3rd-party manufacturers looking to get in on the reversible USB game early.


There is, on the other hand, a “real” reversible USB cord coming to the public soon. A “real” one, approved by the people who regulate USB and everything. It’s called USB Type-C and you won’t have to worry about any moving parts.


USB 3.1 Type-C is not compatible with previously manufactured USB ports, but it will be in your future devices. Expect the next MacBook (or perhaps the MacBook after the next MacBook) to have ports with USB Type-C connections, as well as future notebooks from all hardware creators on the block.

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