Apple’s reversible USB tipped to not arrive with iPhone 6

JC Torres - Aug 25, 2014, 3:28am CDT
Apple’s reversible USB  tipped to not arrive with iPhone 6

Those excitedly awaiting the last-minute rumored accessory for the iPhone 6 might want to stop holding their breath now. According to a third party Apple retailer, the company has yet to place any order for the reversible USB cable from its manufacturing partner, implying that this rather ingenious modification would not only miss the iPhone 6 launch, it would also miss out on a 2014 launch altogether.

Let’s face it. USB plugs have confounded us terribly. So much so that the very people developing the USB standard have finally approved of a Type-C that, among other things, offered a reversible plug that you can, well, plug in right side up or upside down. Of course, Apple would be doing things its own way, with its own type of reversible USB plug that has been leaked last week, supported by patent filings.

Like all things new this time of year, the reversible USB cable is expected to debut together with the iPhone 6. However, retailer says that its sources say Apple isn’t exactly rushing to get this out by this month. The unnamed manufacturing partner was said to have already sent samples for Apple’s approval and Cupertino is keeping silent on the matter. But even if Apple were to suddenly approve of the design today, it would take months before an end product would reach consumers’ hands.

That said, this isn’t the final word yet. It is a rumor and an unverified leak that could very well end up to be quite far from the truth. But perhaps a delay might not be so bad in the long run. It could give time for Apple to adopt a more standardized implementation once USB Type-C gets rolling. But then again, we’re talking about Apple here and it isn’t exactly known to play the standards game.

VIA: 9to5Mac

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