Raspberry Pi hits three million milestone

Raspberry Pi has sold its three millionth unit, a little over two years after the low-cost educational computer now beloved by developers went on sale. The $35 Raspberry Pi Model B astonished when it was first announced, a full computer – albeit a relatively low-power one – that could be used for quickly prototyping projects as well as exploring programing, but has gone on to ignite a market of low-cost hobby boards.

In fact, the Raspberry Pi team admits, the milestone was actually achieved last month, and sales are now in excess of three million units. A delay in the sales stats meant it's only being announced today.

The implementations have been broad. Raspberry Pi users have created smartphones and custom tablets, as well as portable games consoles.

However, there have been more unusual uses, too. The computer has powered a drone capable of hijacking other drones, as well as a system to bypass China's firewall.

The team hasn't finished, though, recently unveiling the next generation of Raspberry Pi hardware. Sized akin to a stick of RAM, the compact 'board will allow for embedded implementations, though Raspberry Pi says there'll also be a more modular version better suited to prototyping.

SOURCE Raspberry Pi