Raspberry Pi Compute Module shrinks to memory stick size

The wraps have been taken off the new Raspberry Pi compute module, and with it comes a new slimmed down size. The new unit is slimmed down enough to fit into a DDR2 memory slot you'd find in laptops, and is aimed at business and industrial users.

In a write up on the company's website today, Director of Hardware James Adams said, "We think there needs to be a better way to allow people to get their hands on this great technology in a more flexible form factor, but still keep things at a sensible price."

Thus was born the new compute module, which has been greatly slimmed down, bearing the "guts" of the Raspberry Pi, 4GB of eMMC Flash, and a measurement of 67.6 x 30mm. The memory is soldered to the board, but the company assures users all else is available via the connector pins.

Says the company, this updated device is aimed at individuals that are mostly looking to create their own PCB, but they also say there's a new launch in the works called the Compute Module IO Board, an open source breakfast board that have a compute module plugged into it.

At the start, both new devices will be available as part of the Development Kit starting in June.

SOURCE: Raspberry Pi