Pokemon GO Halloween Gen 3 confirmed : What we missed!

Niantic's Pokemon GO today confirmed an official Halloween event update, and the details are top notch! Believe it or not, the one detail we got wrong was the date. While last year's Halloween event lasted only a few short days, this event's about to go ALL OUT. Instead of starting in the middle of next week, lasting until Halloween, Pokemon GO's Halloween 2017 event starts tomorrow!

Temporary Bonuses

Included in this event is a double-bonus from walking with a buddy Pokemon. It's likely Niantic will do the same switch in-game as they did in the past – they'll cut the distance required to attain a candy in half. That'll effectively double the candy given – assuming users walk the same distance they'd have otherwise walked.

This event will also include double-candy rewards for catching Pokemon, hatching Pokemon eggs, and transferring Pokemon to the professor. While not necessarily a "bonus" as such, this event will also include temporary "Special Boxes" in the in-game shop. These boxes include Raid Passes, Super Incubators, and other oddities.

Temp Candy-related Bonuses during Halloween:

• 2x Candy for Catching Pokemon

• 2x Candy for Transferring Pokemon

• 2x Candy for Pokemon Egg Hatching

• 2x Candy for Buddy Pokemon Walking

Super Special Pikachu

The new super temporary Pikachu coming to this event only is Witch Hat Pikachu! He'll be rolling with a lovely little purply hat with an orange band around its base – just like a good witch should. These Pikachu will be relatively rare – but not so rare that you won't see a few during the course of the event.

New Pokemon!

All the ghost and dark-type Pokemon in the game will be more common than normal during this event. That means the Pokemon we outlined in our first Halloween details article. AKA it's getting DARK.

Also included – as revealed early by SlashGear and confirmed today by Niantic, are the rest of the Pokemon from the list we outlined earlier this week. A bunch of Hoenn Pokemon – It's that HOENN HYPE! Per the images shared by Niantic and our own list combined, we'll see the following – just for starters!

• Shuppet

• Banette

• Duskull

• Dusclops

• Sableye

Niantic also confirmed that more Pokemon from Gen 3 – Hoenn – will be coming as soon as December of 2017! Below you'll see the new Pokemon that'll be released – with their shiny versions in tow!

New Hat

That hat spotted in the first Halloween image – that was no mistake! There will indeed be a Mimikyu's Disguise Hat available during this event for the first time ever! And yes, Mimikyu isn't generally in the game series until a later generation – gen 6 to be exact – but here he is anyway!

Timing and Release

Niantic suggests that this event will begin on October 20th at 12PM PDT. That means the stroke of midnight leading into this Saturday. It'll last until November 2nd, ending at 1PM PDT – right in the middle of the day. Devastatingly harsh!

Join the spooky conversation about this Halloween 2017 Pokemon GO event at Pokemon GO Central on Facebook – going on now! And don't forget to knit your own Mimikyu hat before Halloween if you don't want to come up short!