Pokemon GO Halloween event: it's getting DARK

Our Pokemon RAID Battle schedule is about to get shook up by the best holiday of the whole year – HALLOWEEN! According to our (anonymous) source – not that it wasn't already expected – like last year, Niantic will place a super-spooky Pokemon GO event on Halloween. Unlike last year, we've also got Raid Boss Battles to deal with. How will the two collide, and what'll it mean for Gengar?

Last year we saw the primary three Ghost Type Pokemon appear more common during Halloween – Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar. The most obvious Pokemon to add to the list of temporarily common during Halloween this year is Misdreavus. Because Misdreavus isn't that fantastic a Pokemon to collect for battling, we'll expect the list to expand to Dark Pokemon, too.

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While Umbreon is one of the most awesome Dark Pokemon in the game at this point, it would not be a surprise to see him appear at more Gyms, placed by trainers of all sorts. To find Umbreon, one needs to have an Eevee – as Umbreon only comes from evolving that tiny puppy Pokemon with 25 Eevee candies and the proper buddy walking business.

Eevee is also a perfect Pokemon to make more common during Halloween because of its propensity to turn into different types of monsters. Eevee currently holds the record for most different types of Pokemon evolutions – Espeon, Umbreon, Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon.

Other Dark Pokemon in Gen 2 include Sneasel, Murkrow, Houndour, and Houndoom. All of these Pokemon stand a good chance of becoming more common during the Halloween season. Houndour will be particularly sought-after because Houndoom is surprisingly helpful in battling many different types of Raid Bosses.

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