Pokemon GO Halloween event : News on Witch Hat Pikachu!

Pokemon GO and the Halloween event of 2017 has been spilled once again, straight from the guts of the game itself! This time we're working with some code and an image from the game's release on the Apple App Store. In an image which will probably be joined by Niantic's reveal of the event soon, the cutest member of this year's spookiest event is shown: Witch Hat Pikachu!

Witch Hat Pikachu

This Halloween will drop upon our heads the next super-rare one-time-only special hat-version Pikachu: Witch Hat Pikachu (as seen above)! Not unlike previous releases, we expect that the Pichu version of the monster will also have the Witch Hat, but there only available through Pokemon Eggs – because it's a baby Pokemon.

There'll also probably be Shiny Pikachu still roaming around out there in the wild (yes, they're still appearing, extremely rarely), so there's a very rare version of this hat Pokemon in the mix. The shiny Witch Hat Pichu will become one of the rarest Pokemon in the entire game – much like previous Shiny Pichu with various hats, etcetera.

Basically if you want to truly catch em all, you're going to have to quit your job and/or skip school for the duration of this event. And if you've missed previous special hat Pikachu releases, you're outta luck.

Special Human Hat

Don't fret, trainers, there's more than likely a special hat accessory coming for your avatar, as well. Much like some previous events, this event will deliver a lovely Mimikyu hat. It's so super cute you're gonna die!

But wait, you might be saying, isn't Mimikyu from a generation of Pokemon that shouldn't be out for quite a while? Yes, you are completely correct. If Niantic does indeed go through with this release, they'll open the doors to generations of Pokemon from now through gen 6! That's completely bonkers.

Other Pokemon coming this Halloween

During this event look for all of the following Pokemon appearing extra commonly and/or for the first time ever! This is the first event in which Gen 3 Pokemon will appear for the public to grab hold of. This is the first time we're seeing Ghosts from Ruby and Sapphire!

• Zubat

• Murkrow

• Dusclops

• Shuppet

• Banette

• Gengar

• Banette

• Duskull

• Dusclops

• Sableye

• Banette

• Witch Hat Pikachu (limited time only)

Also note: Gen 3 has a total of 135 new Pokemon, the likes of which span several games: Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGrean, and Emerald. There's one whole heck of a lot of Pokemon action in these games – and not all of it in the monsters themselves. Look for new functionality over the next Pokeseason too!

Event Timing

Below you'll hear the new theme that'll be playing during this big-time Halloween event. This music comes from the original Lavender Town theme – a theme which itself is said to be haunted! Don't let these spooky sounds drive you completely insane and/or bonkers, because they might!

The event this Halloween will likely begin on October 25th, 2017. From there, it'll almost certainly last until Halloween, which is always on October 31st. As with most events, the bonuses (like extra candy, new Pokemon, and experience [EXP]) will likely last either a bit beyond the event (with the candy and the experience points), or forevermore (new Pokemon OMG). Stick around as full details arrive!

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