Pininfarina unveils first Battista hyper EV customer car inspired by New York City

Somewhere out there, a lucky Pininfarina Battista owner will soon take delivery of what is considered by many as a hand-bitingly gorgeous electric hypercar. Without revealing its client's identity, Pininfarina unveiled its first customer Battista hypercar inspired by New York City.

Right off the bat, the intricate detailing is worth writing home about. The Battista has a carbon fiber body, but the client wanted something other than black. So, Pininfarina infused the bare carbon fiber body with Icona Blu threads to give it a mysterious vibe.

Next, the Exterior Jewelry Pack features red accents above the windows and door sills. It also has hand-painted white stripes, dark matt gray wheels with a black center-lock ring, an illuminated Pininfarina logo on the nose, and an anodized aluminum badge.

The Battista, with its $2-million base price, is customizable from nose to tail. Pininfarina was unable to provide some interior images, but the automaker said it has premium black leather upholstery with blue inserts, white seatbelts, and a bevy of brushed aluminum trim. The interior alone offers more than 128 million color and material combinations, ensuring no two Battistas are alike.

Meanwhile, clients who do not favor the bare carbon fiber look will be pleased to know that Pininfarina offers up to 56 exterior hues for the Battista, not to mention the bevy of exterior and interior packages available to make your ride stand out. We admit the customization options are a bit overkill for a low-volume electric hypercar (Pininfarina is only building 150 units of Battista). Still, the Battista is more just than a showcase of beauty, technology, and speed.

The Battista is unlocking the future of Pininfarina, purveyors of the world's most beautiful cars. Underneath that futuristic body shell is a ton of muscle to justify its speedy countenance. Equipped with four electric motors pumping out 1,874 horsepower and above 1,700 pound-feet of torque, Battista can effortlessly rush from zero to 60 mph in under two seconds; go from zero to 124 mph in under six seconds, and reach a top speed of 218 mph.

It also has a massive 120 kWh Rimac battery pack to deliver 310 miles of range on a single full charge. First unveiled in 2019, Pininfarina will commence deliveries to lucky customers later this year.

In recent developments, Pininfarina has partnered with ChargePoint to give Battista owners up to five years of unlimited public charging. Using a 180 kW DC fast charger, replenishing the Battista's batteries from 20-percent to 80-percent only takes 25 minutes.