Our own Star Wars The Force Awakens mega-trailer (in chronological order)

The following Star Wars The Force Awakens mega-trailer includes every piece of footage from all trailers released thus far. It also includes behind-the-scenes video from the SDCC reel released earlier this year, and a number of photos from Variety Fair, StarWars.com, and presentations at comic book conventions galore – straight from Lucasfilm and Disney. While the video you're about to see comes from public sources only, we must warn you that you will very likely be somewhat spoiled by watching it – in other words, SPOILER ALERT, TURN BACK NOW.Do NOT watch the following video if you don't want to know what's up in Star Wars The Force Awakens before you see it. If that's not enough to deter you, by all means, indulge in the following. The only media that does NOT come from The Force Awakens in the following video is a tiny bit of music from Revenge of the Jedi – a dark theme for Anakin, just to be proper.

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ONE place where we put the clips out of order on purpose comes at the first appearance of Han Solo and Chewbacca. He probably isn't having an in-depth conversation with his new friends BEFORE he says "Chewie, we're home." But such is editing.

This video's contents were made using our own knowledge of the film's plot with a LOT of assistance from the intrepid folks at Making Star Wars. They've got basically the whole plot laid out in a number of articles posted over the past half-year. If you want to know EVERYTHING – go there.

This trailer is part of SlashGear's ongoing coverage of the Star Wars universe, a universe that'll be expanding in a MAJOR way over the next few years – stay tuned!