Nokia smartwatch appears: may bring wearable concepts to life

This year we've heard more than a couple whispers – and straight up confirmations – from and about Nokia's wearable device prospects. Today we're seeing a couple of views of a device that may well bring the company in to the smartwatch universe. This miniature watch-face-sized piece of equipment has appeared overseas in what we can only assume is an early iteration, completely devoid of software.

You'll also notice that this device does not have regularly-spaced holes at its head. This could mean two things. One is the possibility that this device is a complete fake – making such a little number and printing the name Nokia at its head isn't outside the bounds of the average forget in China, that's for certain. The other possibility is that this is just one of a massive amount of prototype devices Nokia makes on the daily.

Nokia has never been afraid of making device they'll never end up using, that much is (also) certain. You'll find that a Nokia Smartwatch hasn't only now been seen as a possibility by the company itself. They've also had their eyes on augmented reality glasses in the recent past. A wearables company Nokia could still very well be.

Be sure to check out our interview with Nokia heads from earlier this year on the possibilities of wearables, augmented reality integration into a variety of products, and everything in-betweeen. That's with the then-current Jo Harlow, EVP of Smart Devices, Marco Ahtisaari, EVP of Design, and Stefan Pannenbecker, VP of Industrial Design at Nokia, mind you.

The images here come from CTech, a notoriously prolific blogger of leaked or otherwise early-release materials for smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables galore. Over the past few weeks and months, this conduit for oddities has produced more than its fair share of products that have ended up being real – and quite a few that ended up being early production models made by repair shops creating the likes of iPhone 5c cases for the devices before they became real.

VIA: WPCentral