Nintendo NX details may be arriving early next month

While Nintendo's competitors have been busy announcing new consoles, we're still waiting on some official details for Nintendo's incoming system, the NX. Nintendo is gearing up for a March 2017 launch, but so far has failed to actually reveal the thing. A new report, however, is saying that those details could arrive by early October.

That's according to various analysts who spoke to The Wall Street Journal. This morsel of information was buried within a longer write-up about Super Mario Run, which will mark Mario's first foray into the realm of smartphone gaming. The new game was revealed yesterday during Apple's keynote event for 2016, where the company announced the newest iteration in its long-running iPhone line.

One would hope that these analysts are correct, especially if Nintendo wants to build up anticipation before launch. Shigeru Miyamoto has previously said that the NX didn't make an appearance at E3 2016 because Nintendo didn't want to give away the console's secrets to competitors. Now that Sony has announced the PS4 Pro and seems to be embroiled in a renewed battle with Microsoft, Nintendo probably doesn't have to worry about giving away any competitive edge.

Last we heard, the Nintendo NX will be a cartridge-based hybrid console that can be used both as a home console played on your TV and as a handheld, portable gaming device. It will supposedly have detachable motion controllers, and Nintendo is said to be pulling out the big guns for launch, planning to release titles from some of its biggest franchises within the first six months of the NX's life. Hopefully these analysts are correct and we'll be finding out if any of these rumors hold water soon.

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal