Nike+ FuelBand SE preorder starts today, shipping November 6

Sports-loving pushers of the wearable technology known as the Nike+ FuelBand SE have announced today that their next-generation wristband will be hitting preorders immediately today with shipping at the start of next month. Ready for the holiday season – or even a bit early, if you please, the folks at Nike have responded in kind with the competitors that've popped up since its original inception: Jawbone UP and FitBit Force (and Flex, for that matter). Here you'll find the second-generation FuelBand bringing back the same fashionable look with an advanced bit of technology under the hood.

This version of the FuelBand in the Nike+ FuelBand SE brings on the heat for a cool $149 USD, and with shipping hitting November 6th for starters, you know good and well it'll be hitting a few holiday socks over the fireplace. There's little to be said about the device's outward appearance – it's been given a splash of color in three new accents, but for the most part, it's sticking with the same look and functionality hardware-wise. The newness is all inside.

The Nike+ FuelBand SE works with the Nike companion app the same as the original. This time you'll be working with constant tracking instead of syncing of any kind, as this machine works with Bluetooth 4.0 – completely compatible with the iPhone 5s, of course – with Bluetooth 4.0 LE. That's Low-Energy, and able to be tracked constantly without unleashing a heavy battery toll on the FuelBand or the iPhone as they team up.

This release is able to track a variety of activities – a much wider variety than the original FuelBand – and wont be as easy to "cheat" as the original. No more putting that band through a washing machine to earn points, that is to say. This new version of the FuelBand is also water resistant, too, so you could TRY to put it through the washing machine – but we wouldn't reccomend it.