Nike+ Fuelband SE official: not just a splash of color

This week the folks at Nike have unveiled their next generation in sports-friendly wearable technology in the Nike+ Fuelband SE. This device works with a body that by all means looks the same as the first version of the band, but here works with a set of accenting colors that appear to differentiate in neon orange, yellow, and pink. There's quite a bit of technology inside to back up this refresh as well, of course.

The colorways are titled black with pink, crimson, and volt, and the whole collection is continuing to use a mix of rubberized materials with metal innards. This edition will also be available in a variety of sizes and will continue to fit in a snug manner right around the users wrist. This push constitutes the first update to the band that's not been entirely aesthetic in nature since its inception.

This update was made to continue the Nike+ system based around Fuel points. The biggest push for improvement here appears to be to the Nike+ system itself, with the band adding to the Nike aim to give the ecosystem an ever-evolving boost in legitimacy. In this case, this means you'll not be able to "cheat" the system as easily.

You'll be able to see differentiated tracking for different activities as well – this band allows you to collect different kinds of feedback for activities like cycling, rowing, running, and spinning. In other words, Nike intends this machine to be an all-encompassing tracker that's ready to be as unique as your exercise regiment. Have a peek at SlashGear's Nike tag portal for more information on this machine, including release and pricing information, right this minute!