Nexus Q removed from Google's Nexus landing page

Google unveiled their Nexus Q media-streaming device at the 2012 Google I/O developers conference back in June, and while critics didn't quite see the point of the device, it was in hot demand and eventually sold out overnight. However, it seems Google has given up on the device because it's nowhere to be found on the Nexus landing page on the company's website.

The device is still up in the Google Play store, but isn't available for purchase, although there's a "Notify Me" section that will let you know "when Nexus Q becomes available." However, it could be that we'll never hear from the Nexus Q again, since Google seems to be treating it as an afterthought at this point.

It looks like Google isn't willing to share any information on the decision to nix the Q from its Nexus landing page, other than they "don't have anything to share at this time." The only Nexus devices making an appearance on Google's main Nexus page are the new Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices that were announced earlier this week, as well as the Nexus 7, which received an upgrade to 32GB and 3G capabilities earlier this week as well.

For those users who were looking forward to the Nexus Q's capabilities, it's certainly a sad thing to see the device slowly fading into the dust. We even saw great promise in the device when we reviewed it a couple months back, so we're sad to see it go ourselves, but it looks like Google is focusing more on the device that it knows will get a lot of attention in the future.

[via Engadget]