Nexus Q demand pushes deliveries to 2-3 weeks overnight

If you were thinking hard about ordering yourself a Google Nexus Q yesterday when the device launched officially, and you waited until today, you've waited too long. It seems that all the initial supply of the Nexus Q have been sold out overnight. Yesterday when the device launched the official Nexus Q page on the Google Playing store listed the media streaming orb as in stock.

That same page lists the shipping delay of two to three weeks as of today. We have no idea if Google had a huge number of these devices or only a few so it's hard to gauge exactly how many units Google might have sold based on a sell out overnight. The Nexus Q sells for $299, has integrated Wi-Fi, and will work with your home audio system.

The orb requires a phone or tablet running Android 2.3 or higher the can access Google Play to work. The idea is that you use the device to wirelessly stream music and video to your home audio system in TV set. The little ball is 4.6-inches in diameter and weighs about 2 pounds. The processor is a dual core OMAP4460.