New iPhone 4S adverts highlight iCloud and Camera

Apple's first iPhone 4S commercial focused on Siri, the company's digital personal assistant; now, with Siri firmly lodged into users' minds, Apple is hitting each of the other update points of the 4S and iOS 5 with its next three ads. Siri gets another showing, while the iPhone 4S' 8-megapixel f2.2 camera and the new iCloud mobile sync/stream service also get their chance to shine. Check out the videos after the cut.

Plenty is made of the 4S' camera flexibility, such as being able to edit and tweak images directly on the iPhone itself including adjusting the angle and removing red-eye. As for iCloud, Apple sensibly avoids trying to explain iTunes Match and other more complex services, instead focusing on the cross-device sync of downloads, documents and photos. "Now, the things you do on your phone are everywhere you want them, automatically" Apple concludes.

Apple is yet to announce sales figures for the iPhone 4S beyond the initial 4m units in the opening weekend, but online orders are still listed as taking 1-2 weeks to ship. Pre-sales in 22 more countries began on October 21. For more on the iPhone 4S, check out the full SlashGear review.

"Siri, Snow Today?":