Netflix to Disney: wait, let’s talk about Marvel and Star Wars

Chris Burns - Aug 11, 2017
Netflix to Disney: wait, let’s talk about Marvel and Star Wars

While Disney-made Disney content seems to be 100% off the table, Netflix still wants to negotiate over Marvel and Star Wars content. Disney, after all, owns the whole lot. Netflix stands to gain or lose a whole lot of viewers based on news bits like “Disney will ditch Netflix in 2019”. Amid talks of the future of Disney’s stream-friendly content, the CEO of the company agreed that Marvel and Star Wars (Lucasfilm) content might well be next to leave Netflix.

Today Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos spoke with Reuters about the subject. “We are still in active discussions [with Disney]” about, as Reuters put it, “the possibility of securing a deal to retain the rights to stream Marvel and Lucasfilm releases on Netflix after 2019.”

This is just the latest comment to come from either of the companies on the matter. The only finalized deal says that Disney will indeed be pulling Disney-brand content from Netflix before their 2019 launch of an independently owned streaming service. This Disney streaming service will, for now, contain strictly Disney content – no associated brand content.

Thus ends one part of Disney’s deals with Netflix, deals that started just under a half-decade ago. Now Disney is in a position to start launching its own streaming media empire, and it’s only just begun. Watch the throne, Netflix – you’re gonna need to get your ducks in order rather quick.

As I said earlier this week, this could be just the first move in a wave of separations of brands from major streaming services. The future could have Netflix only hosting independent content while companies like Universal Pictures, Village Roadshow, and The Weinstein Company all have their own streaming services. All for separate monthly prices, too.

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