Motorola teases wireless charging for CES 2012

Drooling toaster? Actually this is Motorola's latest CES teaser, a weeping USB charger and the promise to "Stay Unplugged"; it doesn't take a genius to figure out that wireless charging is on the table for this week's show. What remains to be seen is exactly how Motorola implements it, what products it will work with, and whether the company jumps on board with an existing wireless power protocol or has cooked up one of its own.

There are a number of existing systems on the market, including Duracell's Qi system and similar approaches by Energizer and WiPower, any of which would probably jump at the chance to have Motorola adopt their tech. Alternatively, Motorola might have its own, proprietary implementation at the ready.

It's unclear whether existing Motorola devices will support wireless charging upgrades, such as with a replacement battery panel, though that would certainly broaden any system's appeal.

Of course, with Google well on the way to acquiring Motorola Mobility, this could have serious – and pleasing – implications for future Nexus devices. With Google tipped to be readying its first Nexus tablet, we certainly wouldn't argue with a wireless charging system for the slate; HP's TouchPad inductive charger stand whet our appetite for that.

[via The Verge]