WiPower launches developer's kit for wireless power solutions

I think that one of the best accessories for the iPhone to be launched in 2009 was the WildCharge iPhone charging system. Wireless charging is something that many users of phones would appreciate. With the tech you can simply place your phone on a pad and it will charge without having to connect wires.WiPower is a company that has several wireless charging solutions. The coolest part about the WiPower tech is that it can charge through surfaces. That means that developers can make charging kits that can send power through a desktop or a wall to charge your device.

WiPower has announced a new developer's kit called the Mobile Wireless power Design Kit that is available now for $4500. The kit promises to let developers prototype devices in as little as a day and have the finished products on the market in a few months. The kit includes power transmitter supporting devices needing up to 15W of power. The kit also has a royalty free license for the receiver and access to white label transmitters.