Motorola DROID Ultra leaks

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Word of an incoming Motorola smartphone, the DROID Ultra, has arrived courtesy of the company's own site, though there is still plenty of mystery around what's billed as a thin-but-strong handset. The new phone has a "high-grade DuPont Kevlar body" according to the terse blurb on the prematurely-published product page.

The DROID Ultra will be "available in a bunch of glossy colors", so the page continues, and will supposedly prove "you can be even thinner and still be tough as steel."

While there are specifications listed beyond that, it's worth noting that they're identical to the specs of the existing RAZR M, announced back in 2012. The assumption, therefore, is that Motorola's web team simply copied and pasted them to populate the grid.

Motorola is no stranger to Kevlar, the durable synthetic fiber better known for its role in bulletproof vests worn by security forces. The company has already used the material in the RAZR M, to protect the back panel from scratches and bumps; it then went on to more comprehensively clad the RAZR HD and MAXX HD in Kevlar.

The end result is similar to carbon-fiber – which Samsung is known to be exploring for future mobile devices – but at a much more affordable price.

All eyes are on Motorola at the moment, as the company prepares to reveal the first fruits of its work as a Google-owned firm. The Moto X is said to represent a considerable evolution of the smartphone, taking into account more contextual information – such as location, use-styles, and the ambient environment – to better shape how it reacts to the user.

VIA Engadget