Microsoft COO on Google: "We have better technology"

Today Microsoft's COO Kevin Turner suggested that the company was in a great position to take Google's business. Turner spoke at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2015, saying the company needed to step up their game in the Android universe. "We have to go rescue the Google Apps customers," said Turner, "throw them a life preserver." He went on to suggest that not only was Microsoft better at business than Google, but that they were a fundamentally different sort of company – a whole different entity.

Microsoft recently released Office 2016 for Mac – in the cloud. They've got a Garage full of apps for Android. They've got Skype for Android, iOS, OS X, Windows, and every web browser. Is it enough to battle Google in the business apps world?

Turner seems to think Microsoft is in at least as good a position – if not a far better position – to make the best mobile business apps and ecosystem in the world.

"We need to win every single deal versus Google," said Turner this week at WPC 2015. "We have better technology, ladies and gentlemen, we do.""We have better technology, and we have an enterprise-ready cloud, we don't snoop through email, we don't serve you apps, we don't drive cars around listening to your conversations, we are not that company."

Turner suggested that over the past year, Microsoft "won back" 1,252 customers (that's businesses, not individual customers). That means these businesses left Microsoft software to work with Google Apps, then went back to Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud.

"We've got to go rescue the rest of the Google Apps partners. There are still a few out there. Go rescue them! Get them over! Kevin dot Turner at Microsoft dot com, I'm a resource. Throw them a life-preserver. We've got to help those customers, and do so in a big way."