Microsoft Garage apps aim at business users on the Go

Shane McGlaun - Jul 15, 2015, 7:00am CDT
Microsoft Garage apps aim at business users on the Go

Microsoft has rolled out three new apps in its Garage Apps segment and are all productivity apps that aim at helping business users and executives become more efficient. All business types need to keep track of various meetings, conferences, and receipts during their work. Microsoft has three apps to help with Join Conference, InstaNote, and Receipt Tracker.

The first is Join Conference designed to let users stop searching emails and calendar entries to find access codes for conference calls. The app works with all conference systems and is designed to automatically find your ongoing meetings and upcoming appointments. Cortana can log users in by asking her to “join my conference.”

InstaNote is a recording app that records the last 30 seconds up to one minute of audio in a meeting that can be saved under the speaker’s name. The notes can be categorized under idea, action, issue, and other tabs.

Receipt Tracker is an app designed to allow you to take pictures of paper receipts to make it easier to keep up with them. The app extracts information from the receipt automatically using OCR software. The expenses are categorized under personal or business headings and can be saved in OneNote. All of these apps are free downloads.

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