LG Chrome OS device could be in pipeline

LG's Chromebook plans have apparently been outed, with Microsoft revealing the company is working on – or at least considering – using Google's Chrome OS platform to create a cloud-loving notebook. The fast-booting OS was mentioned alongside Android in Microsoft's triumphant patent announcement earlier, in which the software company said the new agreement covers "LG's tablets, mobile phones and other consumer devices running the Android or Chrome OS Platform."

It's possible that the extent of LG's licensing is pre-emptive, of course, and not a sign that there's a Chrome OS device in its labs. However it's worth noting that no mention of Chrome OS was made in HTC's agreement with Microsoft, but Samsung – which is already on its second Chromebook – did apparently license for both.

Since then, though, HTC has been tipped to be readying a Chrome OS device of its own, for release in 2012. LG could also be looking beyond the notebook form-factor; Samsung revealed a Series 3 ChromeBox Desktop at CES this past week, and Microsoft's deal covers everything from tablets and mobile phones to "other consumer devices" after all.