Kohjinsha PA MID gets reviewed: overshadowed by massive price

Kohjinsha's PA-series MID may have a fussy aesthetic going on, but that doesn't mean we don't find the 4.8-inch touchscreen convertible appealing.  Announced back in October, we've already seen the PA-series unboxed but now comes the moment of truth: a full review.  Jenn from Pocketables knows a bit about MIDs and ultraportable devices, so when she says that the Kohjinsha is versatile yet "truly insane" in how it's priced, we know it's dark days for the little MID.

The problem is that the PA-series' specs, build-quality and functionality simply aren't strong enough to warrant what is – as we've already lambasted – a huge price.  Figure on paying the equivalent of around $779 if you're in a country where Kohjinsha will be selling it natively, or around $950 if you're dealing with an importer.  There's plenty the MID does right, but at those prices we can't see many people getting to experience it.