Jeff Bezos teases Amazon event with favorite childhood book

Chris Davies - Jun 13, 2014
Jeff Bezos teases Amazon event with favorite childhood book

Amazon’s big launch event isn’t until next week, but CEO Jeff Bezos couldn’t help but tease about it with an unexpected delivery of his favorite childhood book. A copy of Mr. Pine’s Purple House by Leonard Kessler just arrived on SlashGear’s doorstep, complete with a note from Bezos explaining why a children’s book about being different is a good metaphor for business.

“I think you’ll agree,” Bezos’ brief card reads, “that the world is a better place when things are a little bit different.”

The book, for whose who haven’t been introduced to Mr. Pine before, is about a man whose desire to be different in where he lives prompts him to paint his house purple. I’m working on the assumption that the particularly resonant part for Bezos right now is the unique approach, rather than the idea of launching a purple device.

Thanks to the rumor mill – and a little slip in Amazon’s own video – we’re expecting star of the show next week to be a phone. Not just any handset, however, but one using 3D face recognition to simplify the interface.

3D has struggled in the phone business, though it’s worth noting that one of the side-effects of Mr. Pine’s purple house is inspiring his neighbors to think outside the box and paint their own homes in different colors. Whether Amazon can similarly motivate others in the smartphone segment to embrace change as well remains to be seen.

We’ll know for sure on Wednesday, June 18th, when Amazon holds its event in Seattle.

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