Phone shown in Amazon video, may confirm what June 18 will bring

Did you see it?! We didn't either, but one enterprising soul caught a glimpse of the Amazon phone in their recently released video, which we brought you earlier. Though the reactions hint that it is indeed the Amazon 3D phone, one lazy camera shot actually shows one of the users holding and interacting with what seems to be the Amazon smartphone.

The phone appears briefly, but it's there — in all its black, plastic glory. There isn't much to say about it, other than it looks like a very plain phone. The story isn't the phone design, though — that's been done and re-done. The story is what people are doing with it.

From the looks of things, it's the 3D phone we've all been expecting. As users cock their head to the side and say very Keanu things like "whoa", it points directly to those rumors we heard about a few months back that Amazon was working on a device with four cameras up front to follow your movement, and keep tabs on it's orientation to you.

After seeing a screenshot via Aaron Kasten on Google+, we checked the video for ourselves. Sure enough, it's there. The video was pulled from Amazon's YouTube feed, so there you go — it's either an elaborate rouse, or June 18 will, indeed, give us an Amazon phone.