iPhone 5S leaked photo solidifies tip on lozenge flash

There's nothing like a good dual-LED flash upgrade after a long set of months and years only using the one. That's what's suggested for the iPhone 5S this week, with a second unique photo of the machine's back top-end appearing with the same setup: two bulbs, better than one. Could this one, single, unmistakable differentiator make the case for an iPhone 5 owner's upgrade later this year?

We've seen a set of leaks of the hardware bits and pieces of the iPhone 5S, as it's called, starting with the logic board, moving up to the display panel, hitting up the back panel and the inside of the back panel for good measure. Now we've got the whole phone, right?

What's particularly encouraging about these leaks is that they're all close enough to one another that there's a good chance that the final product is already right before our eyes. Begin with the iPhone 5S schematics, move on with the inside and back panel, and see that old Apple chip on a board while you're at it.

An iPhone 5S takes the body of the iPhone 5 and snips off a minuscule amount of thickness, keeps the device's height as well as its width the same (or different by a fraction of a millimeter, if you believe such bits to make a difference), and keeps with the device's appearance save the flash. The back of this device has two flash bulbs instead of one, a lozenge instead of a circle, for extra brightness.

Of course with iOS 7 you've got quick-access to these back-facing blasters of light with a tap of a button in your easy-access Control Center. Why not make use of said button with more brightness than an iPhone ever offered before? Not exactly mind-blowing, but if it can be done, it may as well be, right?

Now the image at the head of this post comes from Palm Uncle, a fellow who very recently got his hands on some early testing Samsung smartphone hardware as well. Now we'll see if this back panel with two LED bulbs appears again before launch – and again, and so forth.