iPhone 13 has a rumored release date: What you should expect

There is little doubt in our minds that Apple is going ahead with the iPhone 13 launch event in September. Different sources have hinted at different dates and possibilities, but the latest information partakes a particular day all of us can trust, especially because it also hints at the pre-order and shipping dates for the iPhone 13 models.

As of now, it is important to note, Apple has not delivered any official word on when it would introduce the new iPhone series, so there is of course no official indication on when the phones will begin shipping. Speculations however suggest a lineup with fresh colors, better cameras, hardware, display and thinner notch is coming soon!

From how we know the iPhone 13 series through previous speculations, four models – in line with iPhone 12 series – are expected. These would be the iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max, with more distinction from the predecessors than assumed (details follow).

Quick look

A broad leap in expectations is met by the rumors of an upgraded display for the iPhone 13 lineup. A 120Hz ProMotion display is likely – at least in the Pro variants – though all the models will feature a notch (relative sore in the iPhone display) slightly slimmer in appearance than seen on iPhone 12.

Major design changes are not be expected in the iPhone 13 lineup (given that iPhone 12 series landed with a design overhaul). The changes from last year will be majorly in the hardware department – improved cameras, lens upgrades and new chipset are likely – which will in them prove the new iPhone lineup a worthy upgrade. Other notable variations are expected with the inclusion of faster 5G capability and an always-on display for the series (at least for the Pro models).

Release date

Many launch date speculations have been put forth in the buildup for the iPhone 13, all these have remained within the September month timeframe, however. Since Apple prefers to hold launch events on a Tuesday, September 7 and 14 have been the top picks.

According to the most recent information by way of @PandaIsBald, September 14 could be that day when the iPhone 13 lineup is officially introduced. The leaks go on to claim pre-order and shipping dates as well. Reportedly, the phones will go on pre-order from September 17 and begin shipping on September 24. It is expected that Apple will begin dropping event invites to the industry and media beginning August 31, which should definitely clear up all the haze.

A smaller, more capable notch

The iPhone 13 models are likely to arrive in more or less the same enclosure. Some hints of a couple of millimeters of additional thickness in the body (to accommodate a supposedly bigger battery) and maybe a subtle bulge on the camera module is all the difference expected. That said, we are expecting iPhone 12-like 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, 6.1-inch iPhone 13 and 13 Pro and the largest, 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max.

One significant change, as iterated, is going to take place on the front where we'll see a smaller notch than the iPhone 12 series. The notch is expectedly 10mm odd slimmer (measuring about 25.57mm now) than the predecessor (measuring 34.5mm wide). Meaning, despite the notch being a prevalent sore, it will still allow slightly more screen real estate.

Talking about the front, the iPhone 13 here is also expected to feature the return of Touch ID as in-screen fingerprint sensor. This will not replace the Face ID, instead will be the much-needed biometric authentication alternative to face recognition that fails to work when your face is covered with a mask.

Apple has frankly done a great job in ensuring alternative ways to unlock the phone when the face is covered with a mask. For instance, you an already redetected to the passcode screen when Face ID detects a mask. In another case, the iOS 14.5 makes it possible for users to unlock the iPhone with Apple Watch.

Even now, Apple believes there is scope for improvement and is reportedly working on a way to revamp the Face ID hardware to be able to work with masks that have become our second skin in the pandemic. According to tipster Jon Prosser, the upgraded Face ID tech doesn't have a specific launch timeframe, but it is likely to debut in the iPhone 13 coming next month. Even if Apple cannot pull off the utility feature just in time for the iPhone 13 launch, expectedly, iPhone 13 will integrate the hardware and the feature could be activated at a later date with a simple software update.

Cameras to vouch for

Year on year, with every new iPhone launch, our expectation from the iPhone cameras increases. Apple definitely delivers on this front, exactly what it intends to do with the iPhone 13. The unannounced smartphone is rumored to feature big upgrades starting with the larger image sensor from the iPhone 12 Pro Max trickling down to all variants of the new iPhone.

Additionally, Sensor-Shift Stabilization feature on the iPhone 13 series will pit it against the best in class to click super stable photos in every light condition. For quite some time now, rumors are suggesting the LiDAR scanner making its way to all iPhone 13 models. This is likely to come with the ability to capture videos in portrait mode (realistically the Bokeh effect for videos).

Significant price jump

iPhone has a premium smartphone image. The well-bred device from Cupertino giant generally has a high price tag. The iPhone 13 isn't going to be exactly cheap either (considering iPhone 12 debuted for a competitive price).

According to a report from DigiTimes' supply chain resources, TSMC is likely to raise its chipset production costs. TSMC makes A-series mobile processors for Apple, therefore, a cost variation in chip production will reciprocate as a price increase in iPhone. The increased cost is likely to pass down as early as iPhone 13 as a way of three to five-percent increase.

Wrap up

iPhone 13, given all the possible rumors, is not expected to make big design changes. Of course, certain innards and exterior modifications are likely. But it will not be as big a deal for iPhone 12 owners to make the switch; unless money is hurting and you have no other way to spend.

If you're from the Android side of the ecosystem or someone waiting to own a new 2021 iPhone; the slight increase in price should not be a deterrent. So until we hear otherwise, September 14 should be the big launch date for the refined iPhone 13 series, stick around!